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To the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission, mrs. Stella Kyriakides

Dear mrs. Kyriakides,

I am the chairman of the Foundation for Medical Photobiomodulation Therapy (that is founded in The Netherlands).

I want to inform you about very important and impressive first results that were achieved in a clinical trial in the USA by using a long existing (but still not well known) medical therapy. This is the so called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) also described in recent years as Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT). I will use the term PBMT from now on. This PBMT is developed in the last 60 years and there have been performed an enormous amount of scientific researches worldwide on PBMT during 60 years. A large number of scientific books and papers have been published on PBMT. PBMT is not well known in Europe and therefore often ignored or neglected in the medical world. PBMT applies certain wavelengths and dosages of light on the body (generated by a laser) in the infrared and near infrared spectrum. In the case of Covid-19 on the lungs of the patients (through the skin). PBMT has a direct strong and positive biological effect on the cells of the human body. Treatment by PBMT is cheap (a medical laser can be used thousands times) and has no side effects. The FDA in the USA has approved this therapy for medical treatment of diseases.

Low Level Laser Therapy as a treatment for Covid-19 may seem a bit futuristic, but in today's crazy pandemic-driven world, it may take this kind of 'out of the box' thinking to get us through this crisis.  Guests Dr. Scott Sigman, Soheila Mokmeli, Mariana Vetrici and recovered patient Saneg Hun tell their story of how they all came together to meet this incredible challenge by discovering a safe, non-invasive, life-saving treatment for Covid-19

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Cómo mantener los oídos sanos de nuestros hijos

¡Es muy sencillo mantener en buen estado los oídos de nuestros niños! Sólo es ne- cesario conocer algunos he- chos biológicos sobre ellos.

1.) Los oídos son nues- tros órganos auditivos, nuestros órganos de ad- vertencia y nuestros órga- nos de equilibrio al mismo tiempo. Es fácil de descubrir esto con una sencilla prue- ba: cierra los ojos un tiempo

y experimentarás de inme- diato que tu atención va dirigida hacia los oídos.

What do your ears try to tell you with Vertigo and pressure in the ear

Ear protection and laser therapy to protect your children`s ears

What your ears try to tell you with Hyperacusis

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DrLutzWilden agosto2017

Invention Of Laser Biostimulation


Lesen Sie die aktuelle Publikation von Dr. Lutz Wilden:

(hier das PDF-Dokument / 4,7MB, mit vielen Abbildungen als Download)

Die biologische Wirkweise von Laser Licht am Ohr 3 1

Die biologische Wirkweise von Laser Licht am Ohr >>

Neue Publikation von Dr. Lutz Wilden

Die Bedeutung von Laserlicht als effiziente,
natürliche Waffe gegen COVID-19

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Vortrag von Dr. L. Wilden auf dem 2. Internationalen Kongress für Innen Ohr Therapien in Hannover am

Hannover Front Cover

AKTUELL: Harvard University /USA bestätigt die positive biologische Wirksamkeit von Low Level Laserlicht (LLLL) an Hörzellen

Photobiomodulation rescues the cochlea

Tamura 2016 Brain research 1



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