Hi Dr. Wilden,

I am happy to tell you that I keep on improving, I am protecting from noise and I am very happy to to feel that every day are slight changes, but real. My tinnitus is sometimes aggressive, special after noise and he is in a higher frequency, like you told me.

I send you my report, It has been long time for me to write as It is difficult for me to write in English and when I arrive home from work Samuel and the baby ask for attention and they don´t allow me to write!!

Another thing is that I don´t know how to resume my story in English, and finally it has been a huge report!! If you want to delete something please feel free to do it.

I am a 39 years old person with progressive hearing loss and aggressive tinnitus. I inherited this disease from my mother and grandfather, but they started losing their hearing much older than me, so I guess that rock concerts, pubs, and my MP3 had much to do in my early disease.

THE BEGGININGS OF THE DISEASE;  My tinnitus appeared first, when I was 26, for that time I couldn´t sleep or even concentrate, and a couple of doctors told me that they didn´t know where my tinnitus came from, and that I should take vitamins and Gingko Biloba and get used to tinnitus. None of them warned me to avoid noise, and I continued going to concerts and listening to loud music. 
Some years passed while I noticed that my hearing was getting worse, and I visited several doctors, including some important specialist, who confirmed that I had a progressive hearing loss that had started in the high frequencies, and told me that there were nothing to do but trying a hearing aids . None of them advised me on avoiding noise, but surprisingly they warned me about other things for example avoiding water get into my ears, avoiding drinking coffee, and also told me that I should try not to get a cold.

Time passed and when I was 33 I had severe hearing problems, as many times I heard human voices but I couldn´t understand them. I had problems while being in groups too, so I started isolating myself and avoiding going out with friends in my free time. My working days were stressing and I was exhausted just trying to hear people. Waking up every day became a big challenge. My tinnitus was aggressive but it didn´t mind, I was only worried about my hearing loss, my stress and my isolation.

MY EXPERINCE WITH HEARING AIDS: When I was 35 I was desperate, and finally I decided to try hearing aids, and I purchased a pair of good hearing aids at a price of almost 7.000 euros both, though I didn´t purchase an additional device to watch TV and other additional device to talk by phone. This price didn´t include batteries and the disposable plastic sticks, about 25-30 euros else per month. My acoustician warned me that my aids were one of the best of the market but that hearing aid technology run so fast that every year came to market better aids and for sure mine would soon be obsolete.
The first day I tried them they were programmed with low volume and although I couldn´t hear very well with them I did experience new sounds and it was nice, and my acoustician told me not to worry as it was just my first day, but little by little she would be adjusting the volume to my necessity. I was hopeful, expecting to be able to soon understand conversations.
Time passed and she increased for some times the volume but I still couldn´t understand voices and conversations, although the volume was very loud in my opinion, and, on the contrary I was listening people worse than before as my hearing aids distorted the words and  voices.

So I thought that my acoustician was programming them in a wrong way, so I met another acoustician and he told me that the reason that I couldn’t understand voices was that my aids were still at a very low volume for me, and he turned them up to an extremely volume level, and although I told him that volume was unbearable for me, he told me that I shouldn´t take off the aids, as it was very important to get use to them. I warned him that so much noise wouldn´t be good for my ears, but he claimed that hearing aids never damage the ears as they only increase the frequencies that each person need. This claim was no-sense for me, as for sure in my case he had increased all the frequencies volume. Besides this, it was a contradiction as he had previously told me that while programming a hearing aid, all the frequencies had to be turned up to “balance” sound. 
 I wore them for just one day and I couldn´t stand so much volume. That night, when I arrived home and I put them off , my ears have the sensation that I was coming from a rock concert. That night I felt  down as I felt that I had no options and I had to choose between not to wear hearing aids and living the rest of my life being deaf, or living my life as If I was living inside a concert hall, but without understanding peoples voices either.
I thought that it was impossible that such quality hearing aids didn´t fit me and maybe the two acousticians were wrong, so I decided to self-program the aids, and I managed to purchase the software and a hanging device that is necessary to program them. I decided to use the “manual programming” and start with a trial and error method, trying to program them with just the necessary volume and just in the necessary frequencies that I needed, in order not to lose more hearing.

That was the worse period of my life. I spent 2,5 years with the trial, with hundreds of frequency combinations, and at last I gave up, as definitely realized that the software mixed the frequencies and distorted voices, and definitely I came to the conclusion that if they aids are programmed at a moderate volume it was impossible to understand peoples voices with them, and I sadly understand that the acousticians were true and those devices has been designed to require unbearable volume levels to hear, but that will make a person loose more and more hearing and became a hearing aid-dependent, and I didn´t want to get caught in that whirl.
MY STARTS WITH THE LLLT TREATMENT – All this time I every day used to search in google, expecting that someone came up to a treatment for hearing loss. All these time I often had read in forums about a treatment called LLLT that came to my attention as their theories were for sure more logical that the claims of both my ENTS and my hearing aid providers.  I spent some months reading forums and finally I decided to try the treatment.
I of course had asked in the forum for some advice, and some members recommended me to buy a device from china and try it, but personally I thought that Dr. Wilden, (who was the “experienced father of the theory”) was still an active doctor and he should be a better option than trying devices from China.

I contacted Dr. Wilden and emailed my audiograms and told him that I would like to go to Ibiza, but the Doctor, by seeing my audiograms and making me some questions, explained to me that in just some cases just few sessions of LLLT are required, but in my case LLLT should be a continuous treatment that would long some years, and he recommended me to purchase a home laser device and started using it for 45 minutes a day, and so I did. 
From my first week of treatment I realized that it was doing “ something “ as the sound of my tinnitus started to change and turned very aggressive. It was incredible to realize that my ears, that hadn´t react to anything before, were reacting to light!

I continued the treatment and the first months the tinnitus was very aggressive and new sounds of tinnitus appeared, but on the contrary I had the sensation that my hearing was  slightly changing, and little by little the laser should be doing “something” for me, as after 2 months I had to stop wearing my hearing aids as, (although they were programmed exactly in the same way that before), they started distorting sounds so heavily that It was unbearable for me to wear them. Although I could re-programmed them I decided not to do it and on the contrary not to wear the aids and document my “hearing changes” that I was experiencing with LLLT. 
 It was nice being free of my hearing aids, and I  had the sensation that I was hearing better so I made and audiograms that showed some improvements , and that was so incredible for me that I decided to go to see Dr. Wilden for a high dosage treatment and, after 6 months of home treatment with progressive improvements, I went to Ibiza.

THE HIGH DOSAGE LLLT TREATMENT EXPERIENCE- In Ibiza I met Dr. Wilden who was very nice and after taking my audiograms , he warned me that although I was going to take some  high laser dosage sessions, it would speed my improvements, but I should continue therapy at home as usual, as my treatment would take an estimated 3 years period.

In Ibiza I took 1 hour treatment each day, 30 minutes each ear, and after my second or third session I started noticing that I could hear more, voices, water, noises…every sound was louder and this sensation increased after each session, and my ears became very sensitive and most sounds were annoying to me, (sound of dishes, children shouting….) and I felt a necessity to wear earplugs most time. I had the same feeling that I had when I first tried a hearing aid, the feeling that everything was louder, but with a natural feeling!

After 6 sessions I asked him to make an audiogram and I could saw, astonished, that my hearing had improved too much. I continued with the treatment and the following days and the final audiogram showed that my hearing improved even some more than in the previous audiogram!

When I arrived home my ears were so sensitive that I had to protect them every moment and I was curious and fearful of what would happen the following days. I started using my home laser device again 45 minutes a day.
The days passed and the sensitivity and “volume” of everything was decreasing and getting normal, but I had the sensation that I could hear better, above all man´s voices.  Of course I couldn´t understand everything but I noticed some improvements. Also something curious was happening, and it was that in my home I started “discovering” some new sounds, some devices of my house for example the oven, some toys and even my mobile phone made “beeps”and other sounds that didn´t hear before!! My tinnitus was still there, although it was in a higher frequency.

 I was so impressed and happy of seeing that I was improving that, 2 months later that I had a free week, I decided to return to Ibiza this time for a new 5-6 session treatment.

Isabel from Spain

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