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Dear Doctor Wilden,

i have to report that i believe i have completely overcome my off balance and dizzy feelings i developed with my Menieres disease. Thank YOU!

my wife and i just returned from a 12 day Mediterranean boat trip. many people had nausea and sea leg problems on board and after words. Janet expected me to have difficulty. i witnessed none!

Since your series of high doses of low level therapy and daily use of my Dr. Wilden home Lux Spa therapy i have become accustomed to absolutely no dizzy feelings when repositioning my head. Garden, church ceilings and rolling over in bed are back to normal. Again , Thanks. I hope many more are enjoying your good solutions for healing. Best regards, Steven Smith

Cómo mantener los oídos sanos de nuestros hijos

¡Es muy sencillo mantener en buen estado los oídos de nuestros niños! Sólo es ne- cesario conocer algunos he- chos biológicos sobre ellos.

1.) Los oídos son nues- tros órganos auditivos, nuestros órganos de ad- vertencia y nuestros órga- nos de equilibrio al mismo tiempo. Es fácil de descubrir esto con una sencilla prue- ba: cierra los ojos un tiempo

y experimentarás de inme- diato que tu atención va dirigida hacia los oídos.

What do your ears try to tell you with Vertigo and pressure in the ear

Ear protection and laser therapy to protect your children`s ears

What your ears try to tell you with Hyperacusis

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Invention Of Laser Biostimulation


Here you can download the actual publication by Dr. Lutz Wilden:

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New Book ENG Final Revision 1

The Biological Effects Of Low Level Laser Light On The Ear


Presentation of Dr. L. Wilden on the 2. International Congress for Inner Ear Therapeutics on 5. November 2019

Hannover Front Cover

NEW: Harvard University / USA confirms the biological positive effectiveness of Low Level Laser Light (LLLL) on biological stressed hearing cells

Photobiomodulation rescues the cochlea

Tamura 2016 Brain research 1



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